Error trying to open AvsP with WinRAR



Hi, I came to this site a while back with major problems burning DVDs and finally got a system that worked by using VOB2MPG to create one MPEG file, and then loading that into AvsP to make some script thing…and then proceeding to burn it with FAVC.

This has worked really great for me until today. I’m in the process of moving all my things to a new computer and I’m afraid I’ve lost some files, or something. I tried to open up AvsP but I couldn’t find the program on my computer anywhere. I found some contents in the folder for it but nothing that actually opened up the program. I did see an ‘uninstall’ though, so I did that. Then I re-installed it, but now it won’t open with my WinRAR.

It says "Error Occurred. See the logfile ‘C:\DOCUME~1\HEATHE~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\Rar$EX56.750\AvsP\AvsP.exe.log’ for details.

I feel kind of stupid, I know I should look up that error, but I have no idea where it’s telling me to look. How do I find that ‘logfile’ on my computer? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Install it again…


IsilwenGilraen, you don’t have to use AvsP anymore I don’t think. The newest version of FAVC says it has support for mpeg and vob files. You should be able to import the vob files from your dvd directly, though I must admit, I haven’t tried it yet.

Download the latest version of FAVC (1.07) and see if it works for you, either with the vob files directly or with the output from Vob2mpeg.


Hi kerry56,hope you’re enjoying your 4th of July weekend …

Yeah FAVC accepts vob’s directly now, yahoo!


Thank you so much!! The only problem is, which do I download? 32 bit or 64?? Self-extracting or zip? What does that even mean?

I think the last time I downloaded it I just guessed, and I have no idea which one I guessed…LOL sorry for my complete lack of computer knowlege!


Self extracting 32 bit should work for you on a normal install of Windows XP or Vista. Just download it and double click on the file. It will ask you where you want to put the FAVC folder, so pick a spot and it will put it there for you to use.

The 64 bit version is for XP or Vista 64 bit operating systems, and the vast majority of people are still using 32bit.


Thank you!! I’ll try it out and let you know. =)


Okay, so I tried to burn a DVD using this process, but unfortunately it didn’t work, at all. =(

After going through the whole process of FAVC doing whatever the heck it does for like 5 hours making all these passes through the vobs separately, an error message popped up that said

Invalid or Unsupported Image file format:
Reason: First image file part is less than 2048 bytes in size.

I had no idea what that meant or what to do (and all I could do was hit okay) so I did and hoped for the best. Then ImgBurn came up and I tried to click on the ‘write’ button but then a window popped up to open files and I couldn’t figure out what file to open…the last time I tried to burn a DVD with FAVC must have been like 2 months ago or so, but I seriously don’t remember having to open anything, I remember it just being smart enough on it’s own to realize that I wanted to burn thing it just spent 5 hours making…LOL. In the folder that I had directed it to place the temporary files there were three other folders: DVD0, Working Folder 0, and a winRAR archive file entitled DVD0. I thought maybe the ISO was in one of those but the first two were empty and the .rar wouldn’t open: when I tried it came up with the same error message as above.

I had nothing to open (although I considered for a second just burning the vob sets directly but that wouldn’t work, would it?) and so I could do nothing but close the window and that was it, the fruit of all those hours. What am I missing? I don’t remember it being this hard before…:stuck_out_tongue:


What type of file are you converting to DVD with FAVC?
DVD0 is where the file should be…open it and you’ll have a VIDEO_TS folder which is what IMGburn needs to burn…

I would check “NO” for ISO creation in FAVC settings,unless .iso is what you prefer,but you’ll need twice the HDD space as it will create an .iso in addition to a DVD folder…


Oh my god…okay this could completely eliminate all of those other problems. I was just reading that guide from that link and the ImgBurn guide it takes you to at the end and I read about how you open ImgBurn and direct it to the DVD folder you made which is complete with a VIDEO_TS, and AUDIO_TS, and BUP and ISO files and then that is what you burn.

The thing is, I already have complete folders with all of those files. I’ve been downloading DVDs that other people made from Bittorrent (perfectly legal concerts without copywrite). I’ve been taking the .vobs FROM these folders and going through all these processes with FAVC and DVDFlick and all these programs and trying to make a DVD–but I already have a DVD file, don’t I?

For example, one folder I have called Houston 1977 has AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. Inside the first is nothing, but inside the second is VIDEO_TS, VIDEO_TS.BUP, VIDEOTS.IFO, VTS_01_0.BUP, VTS_01_0.IFO, VTS_01_1, VTS_01_2…etc down to 5. Is this a complete DVD Folder? Can I just burn that?

The only thing is that if that is a DVD Folder, if I burn it it will be PAL and I have an NTSC player. Is there a way I can convert the whole dang folder without doing what I was doing (which isn’t working anyways)–that is, just taking the .vobs and running them through FAVC and a converter, etc and THEN burning them? Because I’d really hate to do that if it could be so much simpler. These DVDs were even downloaded with really good menus and chapters and everything, so if I could figure out a way to burn THEM then that would be great.


You can burn them straight to disk, but you would have to have a dvd player that is capable of playing both NTSC and PAL video. The resolution and frame rate are different.

A modern player that can do this is the Philips DVP5982 It is about $90 from Amazon. There are others available also, mostly from Toshiba and Philips.


When using FAVC, use the NTSC DVD format output…If you have it set to “open IMGBurn” then it will/should pick the VIDEO_TS folder which contains the files needed automatically…If you burn “manually” ,then start IMGBurn and pick the VIDEO_TS folder and burn…


I’m going to buy a NTSC/PAL DVD player just to make it easier on myself in the future. So problems solved! Thanks to both of you for your help. =)


You can also use the RCA DRC285. I have one and it works great too. I tried the Philips DVP5982 but it didn’t have all the outputs i wanted.