Error trying to copy "Taking Lives" DVD

When trying to make a backup copy from the original Taking Lives DVD, DVDClone 2 gets to 96% reading the disk, and then I get the following error:

Processing Error
F:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_6.VOB: read error
Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

When I click details, the following is displayed:
File 1 F:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_6.VOB 23 TCSectorReader

The disk is newso it is clean, as is the DVD burner (Plexor PX-712A). No problems with any other DVDs.

I am in the USA. This is a Region 1 DVD. I am using the latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD 2. I am trying to just copy the title.

Sounds like a defective disc.

The DVD is brand new and plays flawlessly in my DVD player.

Maybe it is a new copy protection. Have you tried the newest AnyDVD version?

taking lives is a late last year movie.Don’t believe it’s a new copy protection.The disc may not be bad when you put it in but where the error is the disc may have problems(i.e…have you watched it all thew way to the end?).Scan it with scandisc and see if there are errors,that should tell immediately what your dealing with.

Or drag&drop the VIDEO_TS folder to your desktop (harddisk) with AnyDVD activated.

I tried dragging and dropping the folder to my hard drive and received the following message with ~70% complete:

"Cannot copy VTS_01_6.VOB: Data Error (Cyclic redundancy check)

Try what Ollie suggested and do a error scan with nero cdspeed and let us know what it shows. Better yet post a copy of the error scan.

I bet there’a an error in that disc.I had a Star wars disc do that at about 53%.

That means there is some sort of error on the disc. I had the same type of problem with Disney’s Dinosaur. It played flawlessly on my DVD player, but always gave me that same error you had when reaching a certain point on the disc during copying. I rented the same movie from a place, and it copied just fine.

How do I run scandisc on a Win2000 machine?

Open nero cd dvd speed,click on the extra button then hit scandisc.After that you have a choice of surface scan or file test.Tick one or both of them and let it go.Try it out.


Yea i’ve had that same error on a dvd movie i got

its brand new too
and it runs perfect on my home dvd player and in my reader not too well in my burner though


i did a protection scan on it

and it came back with a protection Identity

i got


i have looked everywhere for a solution to being able to copy it but cant its also im the bup files aswell. there is no way of copying a tages protection yet and i dont think theres a way to copy a safedisc protected DVD either although a game protected with safedisc is quite simple to copy, but if ya got any ideas email me

im hopeing to get some ideas since i really wonna crack this protection


Video DVDs are not protected by Tages. Use AnyDVD to check for protections on Video DVDs.

well this one is

if you got a better solution for why it comes up with tages then plz by all means let me know

but it is saying its tages protected

and anydvd only supports css and rpc protections

remember safedisc is also a dvd protection and not just a game exe protection

who says this?

sorry, you’re wrong. safedisc is no dvd video protection.

Bring the DVD back to the place of purchase and exchange for another copy.

I made a perfect back up here. R2 UK