ERROR : Tracking servo failure (040901)

What is that error ???

I have burn a DVD-R (Maxell) at 4x in my HP420n (NEC 2500) and when i do a NERO cd-dvd speed test on it the result is fine.

However if i test the same disk in my other drive Pioneer-115 I get a : ERROR : Tracking servo failure (040901) at the end.

I can read all of the data on the DVD but i dont like to see that error.
Where is the problem comming from :

  • NERO cd-dvd speed ?
  • NERO burning-rom software ?
  • NEC/HP burner ?
  • Pioneer reader ?

Here are the pictures of my 2 scan (DVD in HP and pioneer drive):
NEC (scan is fine) :

Pioneer (error at the end):

Something I see is that even if Im scaning the same DVD disk the red line (end of data on disk) indicator is NOT at the same place for the 2 drives ??? strange…

thank for you help.

Could be faulty drive or media.Take a look here.

It looks like the DVD is not closed, is it?

Thks for your help.
@bamo : Well the disk works fine, readable by explorer all files of the DVD.
@legnerp : I used Nero to burn it and selected no multisession(Nero err ?).

Things that could be causing this:
-Using DVD-R disk but i left the check to DVD-ROM book type in the burn tab of Nero.
-I also selected Joliet option in the ISO tab of Nero (more than 64 char).
-The drive reading the disk is very old pioneer-115. The my other drive/burner HP420(NEC 2500) dont give me that problem…
-I think that the pioneer drive see the DVD as full when it’s not full at all… (red line in the disk scan is not at the same place for both drives)

update : no problem with a scan of a DVD+R booktyped to DVD-rom in the same DVD reader (pioneer). However that disk is full and prolly did not use Joliet. So the problem is one of the options I talked before…


What firmware version do you use on your 115?

I don’t think i’ve ever upgraded it. From Nero info tool it’s 1.22 with a 512kb buffer and the date is 2000-07-17.
RPC II : 1

just found 1.33 im upgrading as of now :slight_smile:

Yes, I just wanted to give you a link, but you found it yourself… :wink:

You can get a region free (RPC1) version here:

Perhaps it helps…

thks scans are fine now, no more error at the end :bigsmile:
Updated to 1.33 reg free from your link and it did the trick, I now see the maximum length as it should be

btw, at the same time I did my HP420, I now have a nice HP520 that should do DL disk as soon as I can find one hehe :cool:
However, I can’t even find a SL disk at 8x over here :frowning: