Error: Too Much Data



I saw that someone had initiated a thread on this, but it was moved (don’t know where to). Anyway, I’ve received this message when trying to backup (Lost s-5). At first glance it appears to be the volume of data on the disk (definitely for than 5 and may be more than 8). I tried a DL, but I get the same error.

I noticed that DNC does not compress the data when writing in DL (from the manual).

Ques-1: Is there a compression jig or incantation I can use to compress the data so it will fit on a DL; or
Ques-2: Should I get my hands on a BR writer and burn to BR?

Ques-3: I’ve burned the backup to HDD and would like to eventually move them to disc media once I figure out how.

Any help is appreciated.


Right now you can do disc to disc be it a DL or SL media. There is a bug that is being worked on for pulling from the hard drive.