Error: there is no disk in the drive --------- but there is a dvd-r

Hi Please Help

I had a film in a avi file which i converted to video_ts and vob files but they will not burn onto a dvd-r

Please can someone tell me how i can do this i have tried nero and 3 other sorts of software.

Please Please help

Thank you

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Can you explain better? What is the problem? Do you get an error? What error? Do you have problems during the burning process?

this is the message

there is no disk in the drive --------- but there is a dvd-r

note: a writable cd is a compact disk that can be converted to a conventional or audio cd by a cd recording drive (cd-r or cd-rw) after being recorded the cd is capable of being used on any computer cd rom drive.

but i want this film to play on dvd player

We must check if the drive is able to recognize inserted media. Can you do a simple test?

Download latest version of cd-dvd speed (see link in my signature); don’t worry: it’s free and it doesn’t require any installation. Run it, then insert a media in the drive, and select the “disc info” tab. Can you see information on the inserted disc?

it says no disk inserted what now mate

Try with a different media, i.e. a different brand, not a different disc of the same box. If the drive is not able to recognize any inserted media, then the drive can be damaged :frowning:

but i can play dvds on the laptop

It is also possible that your drive doesn’t recognize the disc because its mediacode is not present in the firmware. Have you tried to update firmware?

please can you tell me how i do that

What burner do you have? And what is the currently installed firmware? Again, you can retrieve these information with CD-DVD speed.