Error submitting checksum on 7240S

Downloaded the (multiple) ihas firmware from this page:

While some said wrong firmware 77 - 3038 compared to 78 - 3038, the ones that do have matching firmware always return “Error submitting checksum”. I have set both ATA channels to PIO mode and rebooted, but still no go.

For what it is worth, the ones that have working firmwares that give me this checksum error are: ihas124y_bl0v and ihas324y_bl1y.


If I remember correctly, ihas124y and ihas324y have a different bootcode and crossflashing between both requires 4 Bytes (location 0xC to 0xF) to be exchanged in the main firmware.

From your post, I didn’t really understand which drive you have and which of the firmwares you were trying to flash.