Error " semaphore timeout period has expired" all DVD burning programs

Help! I have a Dell P-4 1.9 with 500 ram and I get the following error with every DVD program I have. The programs will seem to copy for a couple of minutes and get to about 3 or 4% then “error, the semaphore timeout period has expired”. I have plenty of ram and HD, I have a 160gig Western Digital HD with 75% available. I was coping just fine several months ago, I made successful copies with Clone DVD, Roxio and DVD Shrink (with Nero), I was running Any DVD at the time. Before the trial period for Any DVD and Clone DVD ran out I started getting this error. I gave up for the summer but it’s getting dark sooner and I am way behind in my archiving. I had X-Copy Platinum but that was a waste of $150 and I don’t plan on making that mistake again, I have reformatted the HD after uninstalling X-Copy. I was real happy with Any DVD and DVD Shrink or Clone DVD.

I even get the error when I try to burn a DVD of files I have captured myself, so I know it has nothing to do with copy protection. I have uninstalled all of the above files and tried with just one installed and get the same error. I am down to reformatting my HD & want to avoid that if at all possible. Any ideas???

After searching on google for a solution, it seems that this error is tied in with networking related things. Are you trying to burn the files from over the network?

Another post I read from here says that his problem was with filenames over 128 characters in legnth, are you burning anything like that? (I’v enever had this problem with large filenames though :confused: )

Other than those I can’t seem to find anything else.

Thanks for replying! This computer is not on a network and the files I am coping are on the HD. They are not named very long (but I will check again tonight). Most of them are named whatever DVD Shrink or other programs named them. The ones I captured from VHS are short names and in folders on the drive. I do have the big HD partitioned into a 40 & 120 gig each with an ATA card and I’ve tried saving the files in both partitions with the same results. It’s so wierd that it worked great for about 1 week them trouble. I have searched and asked this question off and on for months and the only suggestion so far is to reformat. I did order a new DVD-R drive yesterday for a different computer. I will swap that out to rule out the drive. Any other suggestions? Anyone?

does this issue occur of both partitions or just one? And maybe try moving the hdd off the controller card and onto the mobo ide connector.

Actually if you guys did your searching a little more in-depth you would realize that there are similar errors with the semaphore timeout related to the DVD drive. A semaphore timeout is simply a hardware response timeout, it most often occurs over networks given the increased likelihood of such happening. Though there are many other causes and solutions to this problem, the most common is explained here.

My NEC 3500 using dvddecrytor now gives me this error wasted 5 dvd’s this morning,rebooting didnt help like it usually does, ordered a BenQ 1640 today from newegg, a few thousand burns might have killed it.

im havin this problem too with my NEC ND-2510A.

i redid she ASPI layers. checked all my drivers (because its via USB) and still i cant figure it out.

it burns CDs perfectly, but everytime i burn a DVD it messes up!. idk what it is. someone help??