Error! SCSI status 4 Windows error code 121

It seems that driver is working, as I have not seen “Error! SCSI status 0” message again so far. Nero DiscSpeed still only sees one drive, so I might use one of the ASMedia 106x controller cards that I have instead.

2 bad that the Nero WNASPI32.dll I posted didn’t work for you…
A while ago,I had a similar problem with EAC which I got solved that way.

I spoke too soon as “Error! SCSI status 0” message returned, so I switched to an ASMedia 106x controller card ( With this card Nero Discspeed sees both drives, but with the Microsoft SATA AHCI driver the “Error! SCSI status 4 Windows error code 121” message still appeared. After installing the ASMedia driver so far no error message appears.

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Nice :slight_smile:

Do you test how it works with two drives concurrent and Hotplugin?

With two drives connected concurrently it works at full speed, but I first had to uninstall and install latest Nero DiscSpeed, because it was still complaining about locked drives. I did not try hot plugging.

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The “Error! SCSI status 0” message appeared once again today with the two optical drives connected to the ASMedia 106x controller card. I haven’t used the drives much in the last weeks, otherwise it could have appeared earlier. I am now suspecting the iHAS124 B as the source of the problem.

Maybe you have already done this. But have you tried replacing the SATA cables?
They go bad for no apparent reason.

Yes, I already replaced them.

Same problem happens with a second barely used iHAS124 B.

I performed a fresh Windows 7 64-bit installation and verified that the problem is not the drive, not the SATA cable, not the SATA port, not the drivers and not the DiscSpeed version. The “Error! SCSI status 0” message keeps appearing often, but not always. Any ideas what else might be causing this?