Error running Nero Quality Test?

Hi there, I sucessfully created a dvd and wanted to run a quality test in Nero CD-DVD speed.

When I click on the Test button, it says “DRIVE DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS FUNCTION”

Anybody have any ideas?

NEC 3500 AG with Liggy 2.18 firmware, Nero CD-DVD speed version 3.80.

As far as I can tell Liggy has not released firmware that will support PIE/PIF testing for the 3500. It’s in “Next Tuesday” mode. Only 3520 supports Quality Testing for now.

Firmware 2.R8 is required. It has not been released as yet. Hopefully by the first of May.


LOL, 3500 doing PI/PIF scanning is THE awaited feature !

Thanks for the information all! No way am I purging the Liggy firmware, lol