Error recording on dvd+r dl


i have a laptop with a matshita uj-841s super multi drive. i tried burning an exact copy of a dvd and everything went through and said it was successful but when i put it in one of my dvd players it plays but has these distorted squares all over it so you cant read the menus or even view a clear picture.

when i put it in another dvd player it wont even play. the dvd player says “disc err” and puts the tray back out. when i play it on my computer using either wm player or intervideo player it plays the audio but wont play the video.

does anyone have a clue what went wrong?

i used memorex dvd+r dual layer dvd. i dont want to try burning anymore because they are freaking expensive disks so if someone could help me figure it out i would be very appreciative. thanks

oh i used the burning program that came with my laptop which is sonic.

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These issues happen when the burn is of lesser quality. Your player has then problems reading the disc.

Either the burner doesn’t burn DL with good quality, or your DL media is of poor quality. Actually all DL media are mediocre except the Verbatim and Ricoh ones, so try some Verbatim DL discs and see if theproblem goes away.

Sorry about your expensive Memorex discs, they’re probably manufactured by Ritek and only a couple of burners are able to burn Ritek DL with satisfying quality… :frowning: