Error reading


I have been backing up data onto a RW’able cd using Nero’s packet writing facilities. Also using windows xp pro.

My Computer died so i have been trying to load this cd with win98 and win2k on my old machine… wich also has nero fully instaled. I also formated these cd’s with Win XP pro

All types of other cd’s will run, but these particular back up cd’s will not be read by the system. I have put it down to some sort of conflict with the format i did with winXp and trying to use this cd on a older operating system… but mabey someone here can help shed some light on the subject.

Joey Joe Jo

i’m assuming that by “Nero’s packet writing facilities” u meant u used InCD. did u install InCD on the other computers u’re trying to use?

you must install UDF software of some kind on the computer in order for it to be able to read them. its a quirk of packet writing :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i did…
UDF thanks for the tip :wink: