Error reading sectors

I have downloaded and installed the trial of CloneCd. I already have AnyDVD and CloneDVD. These work great. Anyway, I am trying to make a backup copy of ‘Call Of Duty 2’ . It is a pc game. I recently purchased it and based on what my kids did to my Call of Duty 1 disc, I figured a backup would be wise. When trying to copy it, all I see in the log is Failed to read sector,blah blah. The progress bar never leaves zero, nor does the buffer or sub buffer ever leave zero. I have tried software and hardware error handling. The average read speed is miserably slow, too. Using this cd writer in other programs, it is pretty fast. CloneDVD burns DVDs real quick. Like 15 to 20 minutes after closing the DVD tray to eject. So, thats counting reading and writing. I have also tried to write the image to file, but that does not work either.

I have a Sony DVD RW DRU 820A.
The firmware is current.
I am using the pc game profile, with the Amplify Weak Sectors selected.

I have used up 11 discs trying to copy this game.
When it has finaly burned a disc, it turns out to be useless. The game will not play, or it locks up the computer. I have to ctrl-alt-delete to unlock it. It just keeps asking me to insert the correct disc.

Thanks ahead for any help, as I would like to purchase it if it works for me.

Aaron :frowning:

Purchase what, CloneCD?
Did you try with CloneDVD before?

I doubt you can copy this game anyway.

More than likely the game has a copyright protection sceme on it. copy it in raw mode set to ignore errors. i heard this has worked on a few games before.

Not on COD2 (DVD), AFAIK.

But if the OP is getting read errors it must be the cd version of the game.

@ filbert

The game, whether cd or dvd, is safedisc protected. To find out which specific version you’ll need to use Protection ID.

Read errors are normal for safedisc protected cds and the reading process will be very slow for the first ~10,500 sectors (usually about the first 3% of the disc). That’s normal and nothing to worry about. Just be patient and let the reading process complete.

However, with the more recent versions of safedisc alcohol or blindwrite are better apps to use than CloneCD.

A working non-emulation back-up copy of a safedisc protected cd is possible with suitable hardware. If it’s the dvd version then it isn’t possible to make a working copy that doesn’t require emulation. However, both alcohol and blindwrite can make copies of safedisc protected dvds that will work with the appropriate emulation (RMPS in the case of alcohol; EZ-Play in the case of blindwrite).

I suggest that you look at the tutorial section of the CD & DVD Copy Protection forum for further information and assistance and then post again if you have further questions or problems.

Download ClonyXL. It will tell you what kind of protection is on the disc, then research how to get around it. (just pray its not safedisc 4)

Erm, clonyxxl hasn’t been updated for several years. Better to use Protection ID to detect copy protection.

However, mo real need in this case since the game is safedisc 4.x protected. However, that does not mean that it isn’t possible to make a working back-up copy with suitable hardware.

I got a working backup of cod 2 download a old copy of clone cd and get cloneyxl like philamber said to get settings etc etc all works fine :slight_smile: hope this help