Error reading Island of Dr. Moreau: Director's Cut

Howdy, Guys & Gals - got a problem burning a backup of Island of Dr. Moreau: Director’s Cut (Kilmer & Brando). CloneDVD2 is giving me an error message of : “unexpected error - please be sure that all input files are available and that they represent a property mastered DVD. IFOProperties 6”.

This is the second original store-bought Dr. Moreau that I’ve tried to copy with the same result, so it’s something actually in the protection of the disk itself. I’m running AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 I’ve even tried using DVD Decrypter to break the protection with no luck - it’ll act like it’s saving the flick to the harddrive, but when I then use CloneDVD2 to burn it, I get the same result. Weird.

Anybody else run into this - any suggestions? Thanks much for your help! :bow:

It’s not a protection thing, it’s a bad mastering thing. :frowning:

As such what you’ll need to do is rip it (with AnyDVD by dragging the VIDEO_TS folder to your desktop, or with DVD Decrypter), then “process” it somehow before CloneDVD will like it.

How should you “process” it? Good question, and I don’t know for this specific movie, but I bet there are forums in here that could help you, or worst case scenario over at Doom9 or VideoHelp.

AFAIR the Island of Dr. Moreau is a DVD5 (Single Layered). Please check with AnyDVD if I am right (click on the fox).
If it is single layered you could use CloneDVD’s third option “write existing data” as a workaround, or you could use CloneCD to make a 1:1 copy.

I’m pretty sure the “special edition” went over onto two layers, although you could be right. If you’re right, then even if CloneDVD refuses to touch it… DVD Decrypter’s Mode->ISO->Read, Mode->ISO->Write.

BTW, what “special edition”? The “Unrated Director’s Cut” is a Flipper, with Widescreen on one side and full screen on the other. Is there another “more special” edition available?

I just went and checked, and … you’re right!

Hey, original poster - why are you even using CloneDVD? Just copy the disc!