Error reading Hostel 2

I am getting an error reading Hostel part II. I have tried copying it 3 times, coming up with this error. Would it be caused by a new protection?

I used DVDFab Plat and n/p at all. I did’nt use the beta version though

DVDFAB Platinum went through this movie like a hot knife going through butter, no problems at all using these settings and Verbatim media
[B]My DVDFAB Platinum Settings Which Work Great For Me[/B]

[B]I/O Mode: Auto[/B]
[B]Check: Ask Retry/Ignore/Abort When Reading Error[/B]
[B]Retry: 5 Times[/B]
[B]Skip Sectors After Reading Error: 32[/B]
[B]Cache Control: Check Enable Read Ahead[/B]
[B]Write: Burning Engine VSO[/B]
[B]Write Speed: 4X or 8X ( I use Verbatim 16X +R media writing at 8X or 12X)[/B]
[B]DVD Writeable Media: DVD-5 Size 4472 ( less compression )[/B]
[B]Write Type: SAO[/B]
[B]Check Booktype To DVD-ROM ( only for DVD+R/RW Media )[/B]
[B]Check Everything[/B]
[B]Path Player[/B]
[B]Enable Path Player when necessary[/B]

no issue here either and I actually ripped that movie on my system running, maybe its your copy, get a bottle of clear kote (stuff works AWESOME) might clear up your disc enough to copy, if not I’d return it for another copy because that movie went fine here.

Same here, no problem at all. If you’re not having problems with other movies, It must be a bad disc.

Ditto on the easy burn. ~ Mike


Thanks everyone:) Well I usaully use the clone feature to burn with. After trying a couple more movies that failed to read. I used the full disc feature and Hostel 2 and the others work now. I downloaded the new beta version of DVDFAB platinum, I can’t seem to use the clone feature for some reason, always come up with the error reading problem, but if I do the full disc, its flawless. The version before that I had no problems with. Ohwell, I don’t mind doing the full disc way. Thanks again everyone:)