Error reading CD



Ive recently bought the game Football Manager 2006 and i am trying to make a backup copy of it but i am having a lot of trouble.

I usually just make images of my games and then burn them but its not working for this game.

When i try to burn the game i’m getting read errors.
ive tried using alcohol 120% and nero to burn it and also to try to create images but its not use- i get the read error.

Anyone know what i can do to get past this reading stage?

i’m using a SAMSUNG burner and ive burnt the previous Football Managers with this drive.



The game is safedisc protected and read errors are normal; it’s part of the protection. :wink: Just be patient and allow the reading process to complete.


i’ve tried it again and i waited for 10 minutes on each nero and alcohol but still no progress… it stays 0% and i get nothing but read errors.
what do i do?


M0ey, The read errors [B]Are apart of the Protection[/B] So let Alcohol Do its thing. Don’t worry about it going slow it will speed up Eventually.


Thanks guys,
It took me 2 hours and 10 minutes to get through the first 3% but it started to go at normal speed and i had it done within another 5 minutes.

the patience was worth it, thanks again.