Error Rates

Hello everybody.

Recently I have discovered the wonderful world of media scanning, in order to observe and watch my media quality. I use Nero CD-DVD Speed. Currently I use Verbatim (Code: MCC) 8x DVD-/+R. I have some questions regarding the outputs of the discs:

  • What is the good amount of PI Errors/Failures, Jitter and Quality Score?
  • What is the bad amount of PI Errors/Failures, Jitter and Quality Score?
  • What is the average amount of PI Errors/Failures, Jitter and Quality Score?

Moreover, an additional quick question - what are the ideal write/read speed for my drive (NEC-3520 w/ latest Liggy & Dee FW)? I always burn at 4x (above media) and read at maximum. I really do not care about speeds, only quality and longevity.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Regards - Muaddib. :cop:

You are probably best off to compare your burns to burns in this thread. Nero CD-DVD Speed quality score is determined by the highest PIF. Without going into a long detailed ramble

PIE 280 Max is still acceptable
PIF ECC 1= 4 Max ECC 8= 16 Max
Jitter should be around 9% but the are lots of burners that show Jitter 12% and higher that have no problems with play back.
Any quality score above 90 is a good burn IMO. Biggest thing to watch for is clumps or clusters of high PIF, if you get these run a transfer Rate test under CD Speed run test. A nice smooth read curve is what you want, if the curve has large dips you could have read back problems. A Quality score of 99 is the desired by every one but they are few and far between.:wink:


Can you help me out in maintaing my discs and burning them in the best way?

  • I have took two FULLDVD movie rips, which I did in my own. Read speed was the maximum. Write speed was 4x.
  • One is DVD-R, burned like 1-2 months ago. One is DVD+R, burned today. Both were Verbatim MCC (I don’t remember the specific code of the -R, but the +R was MCC003) 8x.
  • The results of the +R were much much better - 5 max. PI errors againt 46 of the -R. - The Quality score of the +R was 97, instead 67 of the -R.

Well, at least now I know what format I should buy.

A couple of quick questions:

  • How can maximize my burn quality? Lower the speed? Buying TY media? I’ve heard MCC is second to TY, which isn’t quite available at my area.
  • How can I maintain the quality of my discs? I store them in pretty cold and dry room, in jewel, on a shelf.
  • Does the softwares involved in the process of ripping/burning affect the quality?

Thanks a lot in advance !!! :bow:

Your Verbatim -R is probably MCC 02RG20 which writes very vell in my Nec 3520 @12x so it could be just batch variation. You should be able to burn any of the media you mentioned without problems @ 8x. As for storage a cool place that doesn’t have a lot of humidity is best. Some people say software has some effect on burn quality but I am not one of them. Really the processes you have running in the background will have more impact on the quality than burning software. IE: Virus scans ect… Hope this helps.:slight_smile:
BTW. Scanning speed for the 3520 is usually set to 5x.

Thanks. Another set of quick questions ahead…

  • How do you store your media?
  • In conclusion, when ripping using CloneDVD/DVDDecrypter/Alcohol120, what speed should I use? Max?
  • I’m gonna buy the 4550 i think. is it worth it?


How do you store your media ? depends upon how much of a Freak you want to be. I use DVD as opposed to CD cases and store all cases vertically in wooden DVD cabinets. The cases and the cabinets take care of light problems. Relative humidity is 45% (de- humidifier controlled) and temperature is 69F

I only use Unbranded Taiyo Yuden + R 8X disks and always burn at 8X. Burning too slow as some suggest is not a good idea and buring too fast gains a few seconds but with unknown long term consequences.

Have no idea about the 4550. To my mind the BenQ 1640 is the best writer I have owned. It is a poor scanner - too sensitive and on poor disks produces technically impossible scans. The best scanner I have tried is the Liteon 1693S - results are more consistent then others.

No matter what scanner you use, or what scanning program you must remember that the results given say as much about the scanner as the disk being scanned. some drives will show poor results others good results on the same disk. showing poor results may mean that the disk is poor but it also may mean that this particular drive is inable to read because the drive is poor. overtime it is to be expected that disks which fail today will be able to be read by better qaulity readers of the future.


Same as you, I store my discs in jewels in cabinets. The room is cold and dry, but just to to be sure, what is the recommended humidty percent, and how do I avoid it?

Anyways… What does burning slow hurts the disc? Music should be always burned slowly, I heard…

dust mites die below 50%. Below 30% is supposed to be bad for health so I would say 30% to 50%. some use crytals - I perfer a portable electric de-humidifier.

My understanding is that all electronic equipment, including media, is optimised to run, burn, play at a certain speed. Graphics cards are designed to work best at given resolutions. A BenQ does not seem to work well at 4X.

My own experience with BenQ1620 and 1640 burning Taiyo Yuden is that 8X is the optimal speed. Disk burned at lower speed produce poorer scans.

It may make litle or no difference to burn at a lower speed but can it be wrong to burn at the certified speed ?

True, I should follow the specs. Never thought about that. THX!