Error rates and media content



I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with my 52327S lately and came up with what seems to be an interesting observation. There seems to be some correlation between the content of what I’m burning on a disc and the resulting C1 error rate, given the same media. The strange thing is, this correlation is only really noticeable on the TY media I’m using… The Prodisc and Ritek media I have don’t exhibit this behaviour, at least not to the same extent. Now to clarify what I mean…

I’ve been burning a lot of fansubbed anime lately, most of it coming encoded in DivX or WM9. With the QS09 firmware I’m getting a consistent >10000 C1 error rate (w/ KProbe) on my TY media burning a full disc of anime using Nero6 and its compilation maker. Now with the same media, if I burn a ripped iso (SVCD, game, etc.) I get <3000 errors, also consistently. The results are consistent over a number of burns, so I think I can eliminate the possibilty that only some of my discs are bad… Also, I’ve burned the same iso using Nero and Alcohol with similar results. However I always get high error rates when burning anime in .avi form on TY media…

I haven’t finished testing all possibilities, but I’m really curious as to why I’m seeing this behaviour. Sorry if I’m jumping to conclusions, and any insight would be much appreciated! ^^


I’ve been really intersted in medi quality over the past few days. Being the geek i am i’m trying to do a bunch of tests. I’ve been making a compilation of my programs that max out the CD and i’ve been making numerous copies with all my Burners and different media types. I’ve been getting some pretty interesting results. I have the following Burners testing right now:

Plextor 12X10X32 SCSI
MSI 52X DragonWrite
LiteOn 56X
LiteOn 16X

I’m going to maybe try get a 40X SCSI and 52X Premium, though they are kind of expensive. I’m maybe just going to get a Sony DVDRW instead. I currently also have a Pioneer A05 which i’m going to do some CDR tests tonight too. I’m trying to aquire a lot of different quality media. Anyone know the best place to do this?