Error playing DivX

I recently downloaded the U571 Divx Movie on my laptop, but wneh i try to copy it to my desktop through t network i have, the resulted file doesn’t play! It plays fine on my laptop, and both pcx have already got the DivX 5 codec installed. I use windows media player, and i have WinXP, and it is not because of my sys specs as both are pretty good. I tried playing it on a DVD software(PowerDVD), but it sill doesnt work. Only RealOne seems to work, but only play half the movie. The movie files is perfect since i can watch the whole movie on my laptop.

Any ideason what the problem is?? THanx in advance

Any ideas or advice people?

You could try reinstalling the DivX 5 codec on your desktop PC.

I use and recommend the freeware BSplayer software highly. It has more mode settings and adjustments than other DivX players and gives excellent results.

tried that and it still doesnt work

Perhaps one computer was connected to the internet and Windows Media Player automatically downloaded a newer/better/different codec required to play the movie whilst the other computer , which isn’t connected ,could not play it because it could not download a codec.

Perhaps the Nimo Codec pack could bring a solution here.

Bighousie, get Nic’s AVI FourCC changer (Included in some XviD distributions), and check the FourCC code.

Then go to and find the corresponding codec. Download an appropriate decompressor.

Perhaps the Nimo Codec pack could bring a solution here.

I would pay people not to use that. :wink:

You may want to try FFDShow, or the like.

I agree with SirDavid - support ffdshow instead - not that there’s anything wrong with nimo’s :wink:

i think we all missed something here,

I recently downloaded the U571 Divx Movie on my laptop

I thought thats considered piracy and not allowed on our forum, am I right?

try to install an older version DivX

I’ll just clear this piracy issue. i OWN U571 on DVD. I just can’t be bothered converting it myself on my $hitbox pc and i don’t want to always put the dvd into my machine everytime i wanna watch it :P. This is just the same theory as using cd images on your pc!

Nimo’s Codec pack is a load of BS. I installed it, scrweed up all my codecs as well as windows media player 8, then had to search all over the net to find a proper way to reinstall wmp8.

Thans for the advice. What is FFDShow?

When i use FourCC Changer, it says Error can’t open file. Which i don’t understand since it plays fine on my laptop.

ok we just wanted to make sure that there aren’t illegal activities on here.

As for FFDshow, its a playback filter. When i was having problems with divx playback, i installed that and it fixed me right up.

How do you use FFDShow?

YAY! i finally got it playing on windows media player. The problem now is that it takes like 5 mins to fast forward or rewind the dam thing! It normally takes me less than 5 seconds! I used VirtualDub to resave the avi file. How should i make it play faster now?

BTW where are all the codecs stored? i was thinking of copying all the codecs from my laptop to my desktop so that it should play properly.

Thanx to all those who posted!:bow: :bow:

if you want it to seek faster you need to have more keyframes. Have keyframes be every 10 seconds. Movies that the keyframes are really far apart take awhile to seek through.

The codecs are stored in your c:\winddows\system directory. It would take you a while to get through it.

Just make sure you have installed divx 5.02 (newest version) and divx 3.11 (may have to do some searching), and FFDShow on your desktop and it should work.

How do i add more keyframes?

if you have nandub installed (comes with gordian knot) you can go here.

If you don’t have gordian knot installed, you can go here to get it.

Also make sure when you do it, that under the video menu, direct stream copy is selected and the same for the audio menu. Otherwise it would take a long time because it would re-encode and that would be a bad thing.

Thanx kwkard i used Nandub and tried to rekey the avi, but it gives me an error, saying:

VideoSourceAVI [ICDecompress] error: unspecified error(-100)

What does that mean? Is there another method to rekey the video?

got me on what that message means.

Only other way to rekey it would be to re-encode the whole movie. Which will take a long time depending on your processor and ram, etc.

Visit for articles on re-encoding. If you are going to re-encode the avi, i think you should start with vidomi, because i know it accepts lots of different input formats. Not sure about gordian knot but i don’t think it does.

Good luck.