Error - Phantom of the Opera

I’ve split this movie in half. The first half copies just fine. Chapters 1-17.
Now I keep getting an error when I try to copy the 2nd half of the movie.

Processing error:

D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_5.VOB: read error

Data error (cyclic redundanct check).

If reading the media has failed. Please clean the surface and try again.

Anyone know whats going on here? I’ve wiped off the DVD several times, and there doesn’t seem to be any scratches on it.


It’s a bad disk, return it and get a new one.

This also happened to me using my NEC ND-3500AD (firmware 2.16) DVD RW drive to read the DVD. I changed to my DVD ROM drive, did not get the error, and successfully copied the DVD to the NEC RW drive.

I believe they did something to the disc too. I was able to copy it but it hung up for a few seconds about 75% of the way before speeding up again. I was able to make a good .ISO using the latest versions of AnyDVD & CloneDVD.

Sounds to me like a physical error on the disk :rolleyes:

Possibly. Probably cheap media they used or something…was able to copy it nontheless using the 2 best DVD copy programs: CloneDVD & AnyDVD. :bow:

DVD Decrypter worked for me

You surely had better luck then me using Decrypter, I have tried it countless times with a cycle redundancy error message, not once did it repair it, even with 1000 retries. I say the only way to correct a cycle redundancy error is replace the defective disk.

As did CloneDVD for Slinger07

This seems to happen on more titles these days than ever.
I don’t think these are software issues.
I think it is a media/production issue.
It is clearly a very poor quality product and should be returned as defective.
The only question is - is it intentional by the producers or just incompetence by the manufacturers.
In either case - bring it back and demand a refund.

I own the new “Phantom of the Opera” dvd - and just as a test - I ripped it using DVDDeCryptor last night with no read errors or problems at all. I think the person experiencing the read errors has a defective disc and should return it and demand a replacement. If this is a rental, I think you should demand your rental fee back. A reputable merchant will not expect you to be satisfied with a defective, inferior product.

I’m having the same problem… But with 2 vobs… Its a rental…
I’ll ask’em for another copy free of charge :stuck_out_tongue:

A year old thread and illegally copying rentals to boot…goodness gracious!!!

Do yourself a favour, use DVD region free. There is nothing wrong with your rental DVD.