Error! Parameter Value Invalid (052602)

I just received my BenQ 1620, and installed it in an external enclosure. My first scan with Nero CD/DVD Speed v3.61 showed good results. But the last two scans i’ve done have come up with the error "Error! Parameter Value Invalid (052602). The burned dvd’s playback flawlessly in my standalone dvd player, so i don’t know what the problem is.

Thanks for any input!

Anyone have any ideas? Sometimes i get the error, and sometimes i don’t. I burn all my dvd’s the same way; DVD Decryptor and then DVDShrink/Nero


I have the external EW162i (USB Benq), and use cd-dvd speed v3.61
The version 47F9 out of the box would not burn dvd-r movies that would load in my standalone player. It was also very slow (spin speed in the .## range), and didn’t report PI Failures.

I upgraded to 47N9, the most recent I could find, and this created dvd-r that would play in the standalone.

I then down graded to 47L9, because that was reported to be better (faster) with scanning. I was getting proper spin rates (not the .## in 47F9), and it was visibly faster, and also got reports on PI failures.
But I got the (052602) error at 600mb mark, re-ran and got it at 42mb.

So I’ve gone back to the most recent, 47N9 and a scan last night took almost 2 hours, with no PIF reported.

It looks like different firmware causes/removes the 052602 error for this drive.

Has anyone found a solution, or cause of the (052602) errors yet.
It appears it is not just the Benq drives ( I think a post 4 weeks ago had a Nec drive giving this error message)

I have again gone back to 47L9 because right now I will be happy if I can just get it to check my disks for me, since I seem to have gotten about 4x50 bad ritek printable disks.
I still haven’t tested burns with the 47L9 firmware yet.

I spent some time with CD-DVD speed checking media - the same disk
Here are the places it aborted at, using the same disk with error (052602).
@8x - 96mb, 3, 67, 14, -, 48, 78, 85, 60, 1
@4x = 48mb, 2, 21, 5
@12x = 88mb, 113, 9, 108, 37
If I do a quick scan, then 2 out of 3 times it aborts, but it will eventually scan the disk and finish.

I un-installed bh-clip software (Not sure if that is the exact name), because I wondered if something else was interfering with the tests.
Also when I put a data disk in, it opens up file explorer automatically on me, which I hate. I thought I had disabled under properties all those startup “know what I want” settings.

Don’t know if this is just my setup, or is anyone else having problems getting this error (052602).

I was told I could strip the drive out and put it internal, but that would be a last resort and since I’m all thumbs would probably be the last of the drive :slight_smile:

My quickscans work with my EW1621, yet normal scans get the parameter value invalid error.
This post seems to mention ASPI as being the cause though I installed forceaspi17 and there was no change.

I get this in 98% of my attempts with the external LiteOns on my main PC. On the other pcs there are no problems. Kprobe works fine on all pcs. Is there a simple reason/solution. Thanks :slight_smile:


Maybe this is related to your USB chipset/Enclosure chipset combination.
No problem here with Sony DW-G120A/Liteon SHW-165P6S using AT2 or GL811E connected to VIA 8237 southbridge.
I might add, that my Liteon CDRW (also connected using GL811E) did not work with CD/DVD Speed, but with Kprobe. This was solved with version


Thanks - I was wondering something like that. I don’t mind Kprobe but would like to try the jitter scan in cdspeed. Guess i’ll have to move my LiteOn(s) a little :wink: