Error on xbox



I amgetting error number 7 on my xbox which looking through xbox scene show to be hdd time out can some one explain to me what causes this or what does it mean. Is the Hard drive just going out or what? This xbox has an 80 gig maxtor with slayers 2.6 with the X2 4983.06 bios

so is the HDD just gone?


yeah, it sounds like your hard drive is going. Better back up if you can…


thanks for the help that is what i was thinking…right know and for the last week on this box i havent had nothing but the error 7 I guess ill give the freezer trick a try


If it’s a Maxtor, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if it is going belly up. They haven’t been making the most durable drives as of late. Anyways Xbox-Scene has an error code definition somewhere on the site. I will do some research for ya and post back with my findings. As a last resort you might try re-installing Slayer’s and see if that happens to fix the problem. EDIT Sure enough, this is what I found when searching through the faq forum over at X-S:

Error Code 7-
“HDD timeout this basically means that the xbox was able to locate the hdd but its not responding. This error usually is a serious hdd malfunction junk the hdd and get a new one.”


That where i get most of my gaming info but then I come back here for a second or third opinon just to be sure

thanks for the help


Try connecting the harddisk to a pc and use Maxtors S.M.A.R.T. tools to find out.


Ill give it a try and give reply later


any news? :slight_smile:


just to add what people said, maxtor hdd have a fault, the firmware becomes corupt and the drive doesn;t come ready,not seen by systems. which may bring the error up on the xbox, a few web sites say you can firmware upgrade the drive and it will work again, but maxtor deny all… data recovery companys know how…

anyone know someone??