ERROR on Photo Story 3

When i come to complete the slide show in photostory three the following error message appears: “There is not enough memory or disk space to complete this operation, or program files for photo story 3 for Windows
or Windows Media Player are missing or may be corrupted. Quit other programs, free additional space or your hard disk, and then try again. If the issue is not resolved, If the issue is not resolved, reinstall Photo Story 3 for Windows and Windows Media Player.” I tried reinstalling all the software aswell as checking i have enough memory on my computer, and it still wont work any idea why this might be, please reply asap.”

Have you cleaned up your hard disk and run a defrag lately?

Do you have enough free space on your HDD? This was also just asked in the last few weeks, and it seems Photo Story 3 only officially supports WMP 10. You may want to check the MS website.