Error Occured Reading Sectors! Data 11/160


I recently began backing up several of my dvd’s I am using DVDX Copy Platinum along with DVD Region + CSS Free and I cannot back up certain DVD’s such as Hero, Seabiscuit, The color of money, etc. Anytime I get an error message its always the same thing: “Error occured reading sectors! Data 11/160.” I noticed that the specific values for these sectors can change from trial to trial of the same disk for instance and not just between different disks as I would have expected. Can someone please give me some detailed information how to get around this error so that I may copy the few dvd’s I have been unable to. For instance, Should I be using different software and decrypter? I believe I have read in this forum that DVDCloner always works for any region 1 dvd since all my dvd’s are region 1 perhaps this is best but I just want an experts advice on this problem before I take any action. If alternate software is available that will solve my problem it would be most apreciated if I can find freeware or shareware as well. Thanks for the help.

Figured out my problem by just using CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD now I have no errors and have been able to copy the few dvd’s that I could not previously. One thing I would like to ask is that in CloneDVD2 when I select the quality by default it is set at DVD-5 which gives around 60-70 percent quality but there is also an option for DVD+R DL which gives 100 percent quality. I would like 100 percent quality but if I use that setting I get the error: source data is too large to fit onto media (standard dvd+r recordable disk). Is there a solution so that I may get 100 percent quality as given in the DVD+R DL option and also use my standard dvd+r media?

dvd-5 means a standard 4.7gb single layer blank media

dvd-9 means a dual layer disc (DL)

if you have a dual layer burner and dual layer discs, then you can burn teh movie to the dual layer disc with no compression.

if you only have single layer discs, it’s a space issue, and the video has to be compressed to fit onto the disc.