ERROR navigationpack 6 257 140 150 vobu 4 257 140


I get an error with CloneDVD 2 v2.8.9.9.
The message i get is:

navigationpack 6 257 140 150 vobu 4 257 140 Picture Reader

how can i fix this? :sad:

you can start by including more info in your post!

what dvd are you getting this error on? include title, format, region, country.
what program are you using to decrypt (program name and version NUMBER)
when do you get this error? ripping? writing?
does it happen only with one particular dvd or does it always happen?
did it recently start happening?
what kind of dvd burner are you using? (manufacturer and model number)
what firmware revision do you have for your drive?

I ripped the Alias dvd9 with [B]CloneDVD Version[/B]
title? format? region (1) country? AC-3 channel (6)

I want to burn it with CloneDVD2 en by opening i get this message:
navigationpack 6 257 140 150 vobu 4 257 140 Picture Reader

It happens with the whole serie of Alias ripped with Clonedvd.

My DVD Burner is an BenQ DVD DD DW1625

this is al for now what i can tell you.

It seems to be when i ripped it with CloneDVD2 that it look like it will everything be just fine.
So my conclusion is that the rip of with clonedvd is not so good.

the software program you’re referencing is a knockoff version of the REAL clonedvd 2 (latest version is and can be obtained at

the program you’re using is notoriously unreliable, and if you can get your money back I would. They are from a company that relies on the real clonedvd’s good reputation to get people to purchase it.

this forum is for support of Elby’s Clonedvd 2, not the inferior program that you have purchased.

I would help you out if I knew what the problem might be, but since the problem is very likely a glitch in the software program, it’s going to be difficult to help with such unreliable software.

i am using Elby’s clonedvd2
but was ripped with clonedvd that i dont use anymore :a

try to use a different decrypter on the original disc and then process in clonedvd2. a good companion to clonedvd2 is Anydvd and that can be found at

I have now Elby’s Anydvd and CloneDVD2 running.

But when i open (with Elby’s CloneDVD2) the rip of Alias (ripped with a different program) i get the error…

why are you ripping with a different program?

insert the original dvd, make sure it is recognized by anydvd then all you have to do is process it from the drive with clonedvd2

thought that is was a new version/update of Elby’s…
the original dvd’s are gone by now…

what do you mean gone?

#1 always keep your “check for updates” enables on clonedvd and anydvd and it will let you know when an update has been issued.
#2, how could you think that the inferior clonedvd was an update when you PAID for clonedvd2 already and then had to pay again for “new” clonedvd? this is assuming you paid for the software…although if you rip rentals then who knows where your software came from :a
#3 never download “updates” from anywhere other than the program’s official website or from that of an official distributor
#4 if you’re saying the discs are rented read the damn rules that you said you agreed to in the sign up process! pirates get NO help here

reporting this thread to a mod to be closed

This whole thread stinks of Forum Member’s minas obvious blatant violation of CD Freaks Forum Rules and quite possibly more serious implications of software piracy.

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