Error NavigationPack 0 VOBU 4 366077 167 Clone 6 TCE

Hello Parceros

I try to backup my DVD “Momoire Of A Geisha” with Elby CloneDVD2 v2.0.8.4
but when i go to the next, i got the problem

I 18:06:25 Proceso comenzado
D CloneDVDVersion:
D Location of layer break failed
I 18:06:25 No se pude localizar la discontuidad de capa
D TCEngineConfig:
D inputPath: G:/VIDEO_TS
D outputPath: D:/VIDEO_TS
D replacementVOBsPath: C:/Archivos de programa/Elaborate Bytes/CloneDVD2/eraser
D CloneConfig:
D targetVOBBlocks: 2288777
D TitleConfig:
D title: 1
D angle: 1
D 00000001
D streams.subpicture: 00000000000000000000000000000000
D firstPlay: 0
D menus: 1
D remux: 0
D noStreams: 0
D tcArgs:
D samples: 5
D stats: 0
D scanOnly: 0
D pictureExtraction: 1
D DVDCompilerConfig:
D ecc: 0
E 18:06:28 Proceso parado: NavigationPack 0 VOBU 4 366077 167 Clone 6 TCE

I don´t know what to do with this.
Somebody Help me :doh:

@ ahv80,

Welcome to the Forum.

Your CloneDVD Version that you are using is an old and outdated two-year-old version. Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and download the current up to date versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD.

Best Regards,