Error - Navigation Pack - how to bypass?

When copying a DVD on Cone DVD, I received an error message at 29% copied…

Creation of DVD files was not successful.
Navigation Pack 0 VOBU 4 601603 151 Clone 6 TCE

I have no idea what this means, and how to get around it?? Can anyone help?


Update to

What DVD are you trying to copy? There have been many changes from over a year ago, and consider CloneDVD doesn’t update as frequently as AnyDVD. The changes are big.

Check out all the changes since your version, then update. You have to stay current or you can’t stay in the game.

Thanks for the link to correct the problem. Works great now! :bigsmile:

I did update the new version which was the problem. Just new at this and am learning as I go along. Thanks for the link to keep ‘updated’ in the future.