Error msg

I have came across an error msg whilst trying to copy from a DVD-R Disc to my PC
it is a back up DVD i made of my mp3s. Some copy ok but others I get the error msg THERE IS NO MORE DATA ON THE TAPE :confused:
If anyone knows what this error means please let me know

Hopefully if I have done this write there will be a Screenshot of the error below

ok that didnt work :confused:

How about


Has N E 1 came across this error before?

help much appreciated

Mike :cool:

Can we have the specs of your system please ?

I can only find some Windows 9X error code table and two posts about a tapestreamer.

Is this some sort of protection , Portmac ?

Will the songs play from the DVD-R?
I think something went wrong when you burnt the disk and some of the songs are corrupt.
I doubt there would be any protection on it as he burnt it himself.