Error Msg: "Source disk is not a dvd movie"

Often when trying to a copy a dvd, I get the message from 1click “Source disk is not a dvd movie”. The disks play fine on my dvd player, some are foreign, but some are domestic, usa. They will not play on my computer. What are they? Is there any way to copy them? These are copy protected, so can not be copied on a dvd recorder alone. Thanks.

Those DVD Movies from outside of USA have been made for different region than US try to upgrade your drive firmware with region free firmware then try again that might solve your problem.

P.S. If you indicate the name brand of your drive and its present firmware then we could tell you, what firmware is OK for your drive?

I am using a
Philips DVD±RW SDVD8441
Driver: Microsoft 5.1.2535.0
DVD Region 1 selected, with only 4 region changes allowed total

Thank you very much for your help.

Just go to BenQ/Philips Drive read first and try to upgrade your firmware with “Rigion Free” version and you be OK.

Thanks, but
I tried and tried and could not find the read first that addressed firmware for the philips 8441 drive, though found lots on problems and complaints about the drive. Where is it? could you possibly post the web address? Sorry for the trouble. Also tried to find an official philips site that had the firmware, but they only listed for consumer add on drives, not those sold built in to PCs. Thank you.