Error Msg. "Sense 04-08-03"



Dell just installed a new TS-H653B Optical drive in my Inspiron 531i computer w/XP OS. When I try to burn a DVD through Real Player, It transfers the files, recodes the files, but won’t burn them, I get the error msg "Sense 04-08-03. I have gone round and round, Dell blames the problem on Real Player; Real Player blames the problem on Dell. I don’t really know what is going on. Can anyone help with information to help me understand?


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What exactly are you trying to burn onto this dvd? Is it a dvd-video, or is it a video using one of the Real video codecs? Is there any good reason to use Real over something else?

Does the burner work outside of the Real program with the disks you currently have? If you haven’t tried with another software program, get ImgBurn and do a simple data burn as a test. ImgBurn is free to download and use:


Hi Kerry56, Thanks for responding to my post. Yes I am able to burn DVDs outside of Real, but I use the real downloader for a lot of music videos, and since I paid for the premium service with Real Player, I was trying to utilize all of their features, but at this point I am ready to stop wasting media on Real. My technician that installed the Optical Drive did put some other sites on my desktop that he states I can use to burn DVDs: “SoThink”, Final Burner, Roxio, and a couple that I haven’t even unzipped. I will also check out the site that you listed because I only encounter problems in Real Player. Thank you for your info. Have a Great One ((-:


Error ‘Sense 04-08-03’ is defined as:


Hope this might help you or someone else reading or trying to help.

In sounds to me that the software and drive are having trouble communicating. This might be caused by a bad/loose cable. You might also check the jumpers on the drive that are used for ‘master/slave/cable select’.


Thank you RichMan for this information. I am not very computer savvy ((-: and since Dell technical support states that the drive is operating properly, I don’t know what I can do with your information. I have just stopped burning DVDs in Real Player and am using another source. Thank you again, and have a great day.


what has always seemed to me to be the best functioning software to burn with on most Dell computers running XP is Roxio DE (Of whatever version)

this most likely is the case because Roxio DE is written specifically for dell’s computers, so it is nle of the softwarte applications least likely to have issues on a Dell.


Hi Allen, thanks for the great advice because I do have Roxio, so I will use that instead of purchasing the pro version of “SoThink”. I just received my CD for the Roxio. Thanks again. Have a great one ((-: