Error MSG.DVD-Decypter when burning .ISO



I took a .iso backup of a dvd,with DVD Shrink,and started DVD-Decrypter to burn the .ISO image.
Then a error msg.popped up.You can se it here:error msg-DVD-Decypter (cpoy/paste into browser)
I just press the “ignore” button and the backup dvd works fine,but why does this msg.appear?

My hardware is:MSI 6309 MB w/VIA 694T chipset,p3-850MHz PC100,512 MB ram,Asus GF4-TI4600-128mb,20GB Samsung OS HDD+80GB Backup HDD.
Benq DVD DD DW1620 Pro (B7T9)as Master on secondary ide
Asus 52x24x52 CDR-W as Slave on secondary ide.
Newest firmware on dvdburner and cdr-w burner,newest VIA 4-1 etc.
Win xp pro w/sp2 and all updates.DX 9c,WMP 10.
BTW:OS disk is FAT32,backup disk (were i keep .ISO’s) is NTFS

All help,much appreciated


I dunno what it says in English!

Normally I see ‘Access Denied’ or ‘Incorrect Function’.

The first is where another program is also accessing the drive - so close it!
The second, I ‘think’, is where your drivers don’t support the command. Not much you can do there - except to look for other ones or just ignore the warning as you have been doing anyway.


The message “Reason” say’s:No Access,while the 3 buttons,from left says:“Abort”,“Try again”,and “ignore”.
My english is not very good but that’s about what it say’s from Norwegian to English.

Thanks for your reply btw,appreciated!


Ok, so going with the ‘Access Denied’ message, you need to find + close other programs that are / could be using the drive.

Perhaps you have some packet writing software installed, or another burning program open that’s also using the drive? Even having an explorer window open could cause it.