Error "Module 1 clone.cpp 1456 TCE" couldn´t copy any protect dvd

Any time that i tried to copy a protect DVD, CloneDVD stop the process and sometimes show

this error message “Module 1 clone.cpp 1456 TCE” and another times reboot the windows an

windows shows a msg The system recovered from a serious error.

Error signature
BCCode : 4e BCP1 : 00000099 BCP2 : 03FFFFFF BCP3 : 00000004
BCP4 : 00000000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1

I tried another external case and the problem remains the same.

Anyone knows what should i do?

Windows XP SP2
DVD writer LG GSA-4163B
Ext Case Vipower VP-6029V
Firewire PCI card with VIA Chipset
MB Asus P4B
1.2Gb RAM
Nvidia Geforce2 MX200

Take the drive out of the case and connect it to the internal IDE cable and retest.

Everthing wemt fine when i connect to the internal IDE, the problem is when it is outside by the firewire.

Anyone? Please!!!

Make sure that ur running the latest version of any dvd and make sure its enable also do u have 2.0 usb if not u should put it in ur computer to speed up the driver cuz it wouldnt go as fast.

The problem was with the chipset from the firewire card (VIA), i put one with a Texas chipset and evething went fine.
Something in VIA chipset, blocked the copies from protect cds and/or any video input with code protection.
Thanks for all.