Error Messages Meanings



Is there some site to give you an insite on what some of these error messages mean?

Example : "Analyzing Failed"

Please e-mail

Thank you


Can´t answer your question directly but one of the site´s below should have the answers,

CD Writer Problems Web Site
CD Page
CD-R Compact Disc Record
CD-R Firmwares
CD-R World Domination
CD-R Media Museum
CD-R Links
CD-ROM Information Center
CDDA Information
CDDA Capable List
CDDA Paranoia - [Linux]
Compact Disc Interactive
Die CD Brenner Test Seite
MZ’s CDR Resource Page
Recources for CD-R
Rictee’s CDR homepage
T.C. Tsai: Bootable CD Page
The Firmware Page
Taiwan CD-R Weekly price
The Audio CDR Page
The CD-R Primer
URA News
VideoCD Support Page
Adaptec’s CD-R Info
Burn Up! CD-R
CD Recording Forum
CD Media World Forum
The CD-R Discussion Forum
The Clone Clinic - CloneCD FAQ
Australian Bootable CD FAQ
Octave: CDR Ref & Info Library
CD-RW Central
CDD 3160 Burner
Def. Mitsumi CR2801TE Resource
Inoffizielle CR-2201CS-Seite
Memorex Page
Panasonic CW-7502 Info Central
Sony CRX100/120 & HP8100/8200
The Yamaha CD-RW Info Site
Unofficial Philips CDD2600/36xx
Unofficial Philips OMNI/12 (OMNIWRITER26A)
Unofficial Ricoh CD-RW Page
Unofficial Ricoh RO/RS-1420C
Unofficial Sony CDU928E HP
Unofficial Wearnes CDR-622 & CDRW-622 Support Site
CD Media World
Cascade 2000
CD Freaks
Wild Wild Web -
DiViDeZeRo’s CDR Page
Free CDR Recording Software
Italian Master Soft
SatCP Best CD-R software
Recording Underground -
CMW: CD-Writer Software
CMW: CD Utilities
CMW: MP3/Audio Software
CD Speed & DVD-Speed -
CDR Identifier
Stefan’s Small World


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lookes like if somebody put there bookmarks online …

cool…share it with everybody


Many thanks i will start searching these sites. ANd yes, i did bookmark this.
thanks very much.