Error message



I am reciving a error message when i am trying to convert my avi to vcd some thing like “error in ccps and now will shut down”

wht is that and why do i get it…

I can extract my audio from the movie but nothing more…

any takers?



it would probably help if u told us what program u were using.


So what have you done to research the problem thus far?? Besides posting here??

Originally posted by AZImmortal
it would probably help if u told us what program u were using.

Might help…not too sure on this one yet…:slight_smile:


I tried romove and reinstall the programs,thinking that perhaps there was just something messed up in the install, still no good,

I even tried to find the file that caused the error,

any other suggestions?



Is that the canopus program??


The error i got was
“CCTSP executed an invalid instruction in
module CCTSP.EXE at 015f:0048054f.”

I am not sure wht that is all about…


What program are you using?


I am using dvd2svcd…sec i will check version
it is version
i am beginning to think this is more than i bargined for,but i refuse to quit,Ha ha I will prevail…


O I though it was something else.


by chance might there be a update for that program?


found on a forum by using google - not sure on credability

"you know, maybe you should try to cut your .avi clips to like 30 seconds, to test it out. Instead of waiting 9 hours. But I never had that page fault error, so i dunno. you can cut the length of the movie with virtualdub, on video and audio just put it on direct stream copy, and on video goto select range. and choose a lower number for end offset then save avi "


I tryed to open VCDEasy this is wht i got
“cdrdd(burning part of vcdeasy) has been disabled as I am not sure it will work with your aspi drivers”


cddrdd should have been"cdrdad"