Error message

I installed a game using a burned cd-When I try to play get error message " cannot find cd-rom. Please insert correct cd-rom and retry" Anyway around this? First time any problems. Used Plextor 12x

The original CD was most likely copyrighted and not copied using CloneCD.

You can find all kinds of patches/cracks on the various sites mentioned in various topics of this forum. Perhaps try that to resolve your problem might help you get started. A second most interesting link is the search button in the upper right corner :wink:

I would look for a patch at GameCopyWorld They usually have what I need!

If you sdtill have the original game then try copying it again with CloneCD and see if that works

Have just dwnld clonecd and used it. Copy image window was there for 24 minutes telling me it was creating image, but the
progress graph never moved. I then aborted because I wasn’t sure if this was normal or I had a problem. Using Pxtr 1210TA-TLA 0308. The 308 is not listed in clones acceptd hardware, only up to 307-assuming 308 is too new.(I hope). Ideas anyone? Did I abort too soon or do I have problem?
Using amd K-7 chip and abit KT7 mother, 512 ram, Win98SE,sony52x cd-rom

Sometimes it can take a very long time to read the image. Try using a progam called ClonyXL which can tell you which protection is present and tell you how to read it.

Hope this helps

Alright I also have an 12x Plextor (IDE) and reading a cd to image usually don’t takes longer then 5 or 6 minutes!

But what cd are you trying to burn? The original or the copy you own?

Clone did it-To create image-45 minutes for first 3% of image-approx 20 minutes for next 97%. Was safedisc protected.Now have working backup. Appreciate help