Error message

I’m kinda new to this whole burning process, (not to mention computers too), so I’m having a little problem. Once I burn a dvd and everything comes out fine, it plays in my dvd player, then when I try to make another copy of that dvd, my drive doesn’t recognize the disk. It says disk may not be formatted to windows. I don’t even know how to format a disk or what that means!! It there some sort of setting I need to change? I’m using dvd fab platinum and also have nero. Any suggestions out there?

If I understand you you are trying to make a copy of a copy, no need to run it back thru Fab just use Imgburn (it is free) here is the link.

I actually try to burn the copy thru nero, but when I put the disk into the computer the light on the drive stays green and my stupid computer doesn’t know there’s a disk in my d drive. I even go to my computer and click on the d drive and it says no disk in drive, but the dvd plays in the dvd player so it does work.

Sounds like a bad burn-what media are you using?

We’ve been burning on office depot disks forever and just recently it started doing it. Even on Memorex same problem.

Try burning the disks at a slower speed(1/2 of the medias rating).What kind of burner do you have?Also if you save your rip with fab as an Iso file you do not have to re-rip it to burn multiple copies.