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“failed to create directory” is a message I get after copying a DVD with DVDFAB Platinum 3 version 3.0.8. I have used earlier version with no problem. Any suggestions please?


Hi David. The first thing to do is upgrade to the latest version of Platinum. There is a link for the download near the top of the forum. At what point in the process do you get this message? Does it have an error code with it?


Hi David400 and welcome to cdfreaks.
I see the cavalry has arrived in the form of signals…always an auspicious event. As signals said, some specifics would help us and hopefully the update to v. Beta will do it for you.

I realize you’re new on the forum, but please do not double post. It will not expedite your getting help and it gets very confusing for folks trying to follow multiple threads as well as for those trying to help.


I also received this error message. "Failed to create directory"
No, there was not an error code with the statement. I received this message while trying to splite a dvd to two discs, but did not receive it when burning the entire disc as is or just the main attraction.
My version is
I hope this helps. I look forward to your response.



Please check if the output folder and temp folder are set to non-exist drive.

Sometimes the folders are set to an external hard drive, and the drive letter may change.

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The output and temp are the same (default) as the initial setup of the program.
I have successfully split one disc to two before.
The most recent change has been the update to the program.
Is there a tweak I need to access or perform?
Thanks again for getting back to me on this.