Error Message



When I try burning a dvd, on both dvd decrpyter and shrink, and on clonedvd and any dvd I get an error message saying,
“Processing error: E:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_02_4.VOB: Read error:
Data error (cyclic redundancy check)”
It does this on both DVD burning programs, what could be the problem?


Crc errors could be caused by few reasons, scratched or dirty discs,
corrupted or bad data, bad media etc…
What for media you used and do you’ve checked the dvd for scratches,
when you’re ripped it?


It’s been doing it, I don’t think it’s my dvds because I’ve been through 3 different dvds and I get the same message every time. It happens while i’m ripping it so I don’t think it’s my media. Could it be that the dvd writer rom is dirty?


Do you’ve checked in dvddecrypter under option I/O the option Ignore Read
Errors? Another thing, do you’ve a 2nd device to test it?