Error message- writing to video media was not successful



whenever i try to copy a dvd using clonedvd2 i get an error message at about 93% of the writing. the message is as follows.

"Writing to video media was not successful.
Media write error
a writre error has occured probably caused by bad media.
please replace the media and try again. "

could someone please explain to me why this is happeneing and what i can do to fix it.

Thank you


Were you trying to burn directly to a DVD or were you creating DVD files or an image file?


i can make the files into iso files but when i try to put them onto dvd is when i get the problem, same thing happens if i burn straight to cd. after the error message i can put the dvd into my standalone player and it works up until a certain point then it freezes.

a writre error has occured probably caused by bad media

Have you thought it could be bad/crap media ?


Gee Bjproc…

Ya think ya might be onto something?? :rolleyes: I tend to agree with you.


Use the default file mode. Download DVD Indentifier and post the media ID of your DVD. My guess is probably some crappy no-name made in Taiwan DVD.


Trying to be sarcastic, & FAILED :bigsmile:


some people obviously arent as knowledgable as others when it comes to this topic are we. Theres no need to be a tossa about it.


You can read can’t you…!, the error message said it all.

Sorry couldn’t help it :bigsmile:

What media are you using ?


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It probably isn’t the media. I am getting the same thing recently with TDK DVD -R 8x discs. The VIDEO_TS ends up on the disk, but the AUDIO_TS folder is always empty.


Then why is the Audio_TS folder empty? What MID code is your TDK media? What kind of Burner are you using? If you tell me that your TDK is TY, then I will tell you that there has been (REPORTED) by more than 1 member that there has been some trbl. with some of the TY media as of late. One of the Mfgs. of the questionable TY is TDK!!! There is another thread talking about it on the forum. Oh ya and what program are you using to burn with that your missing these audio files? If it’s Nero, have you updated it lately? They’ve had a ton of updates in the last 2 months.