Error Message with NEC Burning Drive

I have the NEC 3530A…
When i try to burn here is the error i receive.

Sense: 05 ASC: 21 ASCQ: 02 (Command 2A)


this is when i use Sonic DLA Burning Software, However when I use Windows Media Player to burn it worked just fine. Also the drive is not coming up as a typical dvd-rw drive. For example when i try to get into the drive while no media is inserted it tell sme to insert a disk. With past experience though it would open up and allow me to drag and drop files so that i could hit write files to cd later on.

Anybody have any idea? Firmware is up to date and drivers are latest from 2001…
Device manager says it is working properly.

Get rid of the Sonic DLA. It is evil…