Error Message with DVD Shrink

When trying to use DVD Shrink I get the error message:

[I]DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue.

Failed to read file “E:”

Data Error (cyclic redundancy check).[/I]

Can anyone tell me what this means and how to fix the problem?

it’s a problem with the source disc.

this error is discussined every third hour on this forum. a search for “cyclic redundancy” or “CRC” should come up with a deluge of suggestions for you to try.

if nothing in those threads works then you need to exchange it for a disc that isn’t defective.

Im still very new to this. This is only the 3rd disc ive tried to copy and I jsut found this forum about an hour ago. Most of the answers ive found have only left me more confused.

what movie are you trying to back up? dvd shrink doesn’t always handle copy protection and sometimes reports it as a CRC.

more likely solution: the disc is dirty or scratched.

if the disc is brand new then it probably has a manufacturing error.

before exchanging it, try ripping at a slower speed, cleaning it (even if it looks clean), give dvd decrypter a shot (best program I’ve come across for tough to read discs).

others will also recommend ISObuster for hard to read discs.

also try to rip it from a different dvd drive. some drives are better readers than others.

there’s a good chance your disc is either scratched or has a manufacturing defect.

Im trying to copy the Disney movie Valiant. (getting ready to take a trip and last time my kid lost 3 original movies) Im using DVD Shrink with DVD Decrypter. I cleaned the disc even though its new. Plenty of little fingure prints and things were on it. But it didnt help.

Go to and download a trial version of AnyDVD. I have had the same problem and this cured it 99% of the time. Run it in the background and it should take care of the CRC issue. If not, then you have a bad disc.

because it’s such a new title it might be a copy protection issue.

try downloading anydvd from (there’s a 21 day free trial) restart your computer after installing then make sure the program is open.

insert the disc then rip with dvd decrypter. if it’s a copy protection issue then anydvd should handle it (neither dvd shrink nor dvd decrypter have been updated in AGES in regards to breaking protections)

if this doesn’t work, then it sounds like you have a defective disc and I’d bring it back and exchange it.

When you say “rip” you mean copy to a file? Or do I want to create an ISO file?

doesn’t matter. you can open it in shrink later from either files or ISO when you want to shrink it, it’s up to you.

the important think is that you have anydvd running in the background while you do it.

What is your burning program? If you are using Nero then it works with DVD Shrink to burn it.