Error Message with DVD Shrink copying Dick and Jane

Hello -

I ripped my movie “Fun with Dick and Jane” using DVDFab Platinum (Version I used the “Split” function, so it produced 2 separate files on my hard drive (DISC1 and DISC2) - for WideScreen and FullScreen.

Then, When I run DVDShrink to Encode to make an image (so I can burn using either DVD Decrypter or ImageBurn), it gets to about 56%, then stops and gives error message, saying that there is not enough storage space, ran out of memory - has anyone had this sort of thing happen? What’s going on, why is it doing that, I mean it ripped to the HD OK (2 split files), but it doesn’t get all the way thru to make ISO image using Shrink…(BTW, I have plenty of HD space on my computer, and I even Defragmented and tried again, same exact problem)

Can anyone help with this?? IS there any other program one can use instead of Shrink for just this function that I am having problems with??

Thanks a bunch!


Please try this with the new version of DVDFab Platinum and report your results.

If you aren’t using Shrink to compress the separate discs you’re making, you can just use IMGBurn in build mode to create the ISOs for you. If you need to have Shrink compress, then you will want to rerip with the newest version of DVDFab and try again. Shrink usually gives that kind of error when it encounters left over copy protection. Not always, but, it’s been seen in the past when copy protection wasn’t fully removed.