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If anyone can help me with this, I would really appreciate it. I have been messing with this most of the day. I am getting an error message when I try to burn one of my DVD’s. I am testing the software to see if this is a program I should buy. I am trying to burn the movie Beerfest and I will get halfway through writing it, and it stops and says, “A write error has occured, probably caused by bad media.” I have tried two different kinds of blank dvd’s…Philips DVD+R and Verbatim DVD+R. Is this the wrong kind of DVD to use? Should I use a different kind. One was a 4.7 gb, and the other was 8.5 gb. If you can help, that would be great. Thanks!


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I am still getting the write error message…can someone please help me???


could be the cd itself… i got beerfest fine but found when i do get the error cleaning it somtimes helps then letting it retry on the hitting retry it works it way through it… thats why i like trying to keep with with the movies as they come out and in best condition…may try another original copy of beerfest to try and get… sometimes the smallest little smudge could be holding you up


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Unfortunately you have failed to provide sufficient information for Forum Members to be able to provide any meaningful assistance.

Suggest reviewing the AnyDVD Forum Read First posting titled “New posters with ripping/burning problems” ( and note the information requested in that posting and provide that information in this posting.