Error Message While Making a Backup of Saw 3

I am relatively new to using CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD. Was just trying to make a backup copy of SAW 3 about 10 minutes ago and for some reason it keeps throwing me an erro rin recording. Was wondering if anyone else has had this problem while attempting to copy this movie. I do have the most recent available versions of both CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD so I am not sure what is wrong. This is a new dvd right out of the package. If anyone has a cool post me or email me a reply. :doh:

I’m not trying to upstage AnyDVD with this suggestion, but you could also try RipIt4Me and then shrink it with CloneDVD2 or DVD Shrink and see how that goes.

I Have Dvd Fab Gold And It Wont Let Me Read It So You Arent The Only One Having Problems Francine

It Was The Saw Iii Movie Also

Well, SAW III was finally released in the United States today. The only way I was able to make a back-up copy (movie only) was by the using: 1)the most recent version of RipIt4Me* together with FIX VTS version -Note-Select Ripping Setting-Full DVD for the ripping process. 2) After ripping, I then used 3.2 Shrink (Re-author mode) to compress the file (select only the file containing the movie) and finally 3) Use DVD Fab to burn (write) the DVD.

  • NOTE: During the ripping process you will get several messages (about 7-8) indicating a failure. Just click on OK and the program will continue to do it’s job. Do not abort the program. Please also note that it could take a few minutes before RipIt4Me opens and starts. That’s because SAW III contains 99 title files. Hope the above steps are a help to you.

I just gave up and made a copy to my ES15

Yes. I agree.
Ripit4me will work for Saw3, and can be gotten here:
Its a tough movie, with lots of crap on his movie. I understand that it has over 80 bad vts on it, so one has to be patient.

Good to hear that alternative applications work, but the original topic as posted is for AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. Someone that has paid for these programs might want help in getting them to work, so let’s stay on-topic from now on please.

There is a thread about backing up the movie in the AnyDVD section, of which the most relevant post to date is probably:

Anydvd( Decrypter will rip Saw III to the HD. Only problem is getting the outdated AnyDVD(, where emule still has it.

Why would you want an outdated trial version of AnyDVD?

Here’s a post from SlySoft in the AnyDVD forum here, which tells you about their recent beta, and specifically how to backup Saw III.

Decrypter works fine for me, and just burn with clone dvd.

Latest ripit4me and also AnyDVD should work, if you dont believe check some threads over at forum. :wink:

DVDFab released new version yesterday. Saw III was on the list of items fixed, and I successfully archived my movie.

OK people. It is simple as pie to do Saw III. Just download the newest DVDFab and the newest Shrink. I had problems with this movie and now that Fengtao has given us the new version, it is totally possible to get this movie. I have heard that Fab sometimes doesnt work with AnyDVD so good luck to all! Just do the two that I listed and I guarantee it will work…

I suppose people don’t heed the requests of the Mods. The OP was asking about AnyDVD/CloneDvd.

AnyDvd/CloneDvd works perfectly fine with Saw 3. You have to remove the blank sectors of the disc and there’s no problems.

This is not the AnyDVD forum.

At this point all of the major backup utilities can properly back it up (although RipIt4Me could handle it before the DVD was released incidentally).

Neither is it the “let’s immediately list all the alternatives to AnyDVD…” forum.

The OP was specific in the problems with particular commercial software. That was the topic.

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