Error message while encoding with DVD2SVCD + CCE

Guys, this appeared while I was encoding Lost Reality - .AVI file with DVD2SVCD using CCE and the video file is these specifications…

Duration - 1:17:15
Bit Rate - 197kbps
Audio Format - MPEG Layer-3

Frame Rate - 29 Frames/second
Data Rate - 154kbps
Video sample size - 12 bit
Video compression - XVID

can anyone point me out where the problem might be and how to deal with it??

Thanks, great weekend to all… :flower:


I think you need to apply a CRC patch to CCE to avoid this.

If it’s 2.50 you’re using I could email the patcher if you PM with your email address.

yes, I’m usign exactly 2.50.something… can you email me the patcher? Thanks, I’ll send you a message :smiley:

great week to all :wink: