Error message while authoring with IfoEdit

hello everybody!
When I author with IfoEdit movies (previously rendered with DVD2SVCD) with .ac3 audio,
I get the following error message:
INTERNAL ERROR: additional data required but no free space in input
I’m sure it has really nothing to do with disk space, since I have about 14 Gb free
in that partition.
When I use the mp2 file created by DVD2SVCD instead of the extracted ac3, then there is
no problem, but then of course, then I can only get stereo and no 5.1 sound on my dvd player.
What can I do so as to obtain 5.1-channel ac3 sound?
It has happened with several movies, so i’m positive the divx file’s original ac3 sound is
not damaged, but rather that I am doing something wrong either in DVD2SVCD rendering,
or during authoring with IfoEdit.

Run the extracted AC3 through BeSplit/Besliced to “clean” it up. Its a common problem with AC3 containing AVI’s.