Error message when trying to download

Well, well. I’m posting on here again because I still have a problem with CloneDVD. You might remember me… my drive wasn’t recognizing my DVDs. The drive happened to brake. It has now been replaced yesterday. It’s brand new.

Now, I installed AnyDVD with no problems. I rebooted and entered my saved registration key. I tried downloading CloneDVD but I get this lovely error message:
“Installer verification failed.
This could be the result of an incomplete download, a failing disk, or (possibly) corruption from a virus.
You can try an install using the /NCRC command line switch (but it is NOT recommended).”

Believe me, I was kind of pissed. I thought the drive was broken again (and it has to be CloneDVD that did it the first time). But it still plays movies. Whew! So… I ran a virus scan. No viruses. With the suggestion of SamuriHL, I disabled Norton while downloading but I still got the error message. I’m not even able to download. The message appears right at the beginning. So it has to do with an incomplete download. But in my Program Files, there is nothing there from Elaborate Bytes.

Anyways, I’ll be contacting the company if I can’t resolve this issue. I’m asking for help on here before doing so. Can you help me?

Try clearing your internet cache in your browser and, again, making sure that Norton is disabled during the download, trying again. It sounds like it partially downloaded before and the browser thinks it was completed. If you clear the browser cache it might allow it to download “fresh”.

I was just about to contact Slysoft and checked on here to copy the link for this post. I haven’t received by email a notice that somebody had replied to my post. I was getting tired of waiting.

I did just that. I cleared my cache. The download is now complete and the program is installed. I need to reboot now. Hopefully, everything will work fine after that.

Thank you for your help SamuriHL! :slight_smile:


Hey no problem. I’m glad that worked out for you.