Error Message when shutting down and rebooting



Hello, I get an error messag every time I shutdown and/or reboot. This has been happening for atleast a few months now and I have reinstalled many versions of the programs. My computer will not shutdown unless I click on “End Program” and the program is slysoft.

The message I get is “This program does not respond…” The directory of the error is “TRSDKd ww: C:Program Files\SlySoft\AnyDVD\AnyDVD.exe” I get this message EVERY time I reboot or stutdown. If I click on end program, it does and shuts down or reboots but this is getting annoying.

Any suggestions? I upgraded to all the latest versions. i.e. CloneDVD2

Thanks for your help…I am using a Lite-On 1633-SW drive.

I also have another problem but will list it separately. (I get successful copies but none of them play. It says successful, but the movie will not play at all)



@ bhturnow,

Suggest performing a little Hard Disk maintenance. Defragment your Hard Drive (Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Defragmenter). Check for Spyware by running Spybot-Search & Destroy (

Also suggest visiting Major Geeks ( and get one of the FreeWare software registry check utilities listed on Web Page.

Also suggest running a Virus checking software program.

I might be wrong but this “TRSDKd ww:” thing sounds very suspicious like maybe some Spyware or a Virus of some type.

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Thanks…I already ran spyware programs like Spybot, AdAware, and Microsoft’s and came up with nothing. I will try the defrag and see what happens and another full virus scan.

Thanks for your time…



@ bhturnow,

Also don’t forget obtaining some type of Widows registry scanning software utility to ensure that you don’t have any hidden Windows registry errors.

Good luck and hope you are able to get your system up and running correctly.

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If you have the box checked in AnyDVD “autostart” try disabling it and use a shortcut to activate AnyDVD. When you finished using it just use exit. See if that corrects the problem. I myself never have any programs running that I’m not using, frees up resources as well as avoids conflicts.
The only box I have checked in AnyDVD programs tab is “enable anydvd”.
I don’t need it to check for updates either, I can do that myself.


@ bhturnow,

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting. Comments #7 in referenced posting contains some information that might prove to be helpful to you.

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Thanks…I ran 3 spyware programs and they all came up with nothing except the Wild Tangent one, which I read is ok and needed for some games.

I read your suggestion about reading #7.

When I Open task manager (ctrl/alt/del) open the processes section, there is no RegCheck.exe to delete. It is not there.

I defraged my hard drive using Windows utility and then Norton Speed Disk on all drives.

I still get the same message when shutting down or rebooting.

I will try try preventing it from loading on start-up and see what happens.

Thanks for your help…Brad


I also ran the registry checker via Norton and it comes up clean.