Error message when burning

Hi again its me im bk…i got a new problem now and its wrecking my head.
Ive reinstalled windows twice now in two days and when everything is se up and running fine im doing about 2 CDs. Im having to do all my movies as VCDs at the moment cause my DVD burner isnt working.After i have used any burning software a cpl of times my projects are failing about 90% in weather its music or film. I have tryed to find rootkit remover programs with not much sucsess i realy carnt work this 1 out. I am attaching a log of the last failed project if anyone can help because im sick of spending 2 hours on a reinstall everyday and im hoping it will be something fairly easy to fix PLs PLs help !!! Cheers.

[10:57:02] <—MT—> Recorder: GENERIC FREECOM32A;
[10:57:02] <—MT—> [B]CDR code: 00 97 15 17; OSJ entry from: Ritek Co.[/B]
[10:57:02] <—MT—> ATIP Data:
[10:57:02] <—MT—> Special Info [hex] 1: C0 00 90, 2: 61 0F 11 (LI 97:15.17), 3: 4F 3B 46 (LO 79:59.70)
[10:57:02] <—MT—> Additional Info [hex] 1: 00 00 80 (invalid), 2: 00 00 00 (invalid), 3: 00 00 00 (invalid)

[10:57:02] <—MT—> 10:57:01 #24 CDR -1046 File Writer.cpp, Line 302
[10:57:02] <—MT—> [B]Illegal disc[/B]
[10:57:02] <—MT—> D: GENERIC FREECOM32A

try with better media.

Like chef indicated use a better media. Name brands mean nothing. Use freeware ‘DVD Identifier’ to see who manufactured your disks and stay with the ones that work(I have used TDK disks that were made by CMC, Ty, and of course TDK, all of which were under the TDK brand name). Slow your burn speed to 4X (that is about 12 to 14minutes) and use freeware ImgBurn to burn your disks.


DVD Identifier

Hi guys try’d all your suggestions and still no joy i got some media ive been using 4 years and had no problem with but even thats not working now i keep comming bk to the error POWER CALABRATION??? im starting to thing the drive might have had it. Ive even built the pc up from basic bit by bit to try and work out whitch bit is wrong and still nothing. Anymore suggestions???

If you go to google and input power calabration you should find some things to try. One is to clean the laser on your drive that seems to work for some. Some clean it by blowing air into the drive and others use a laser cleaning disk. Since there are many things that could cause this problem I would start by cleaning the laser then do the google search.