Error message: unable to create folder

I purchased the software 2 days ago, so I am not very familiar with it. I tried to use it today to copy a DVD I had purchased. I selected full DVD, then selected Start. I received an error message that the program could not create a folder C:\DVDFAb5\FullDVD.

Does anyone know what may be wrong???

Ken K

It may be a permission issue within Windows, try to save it to the desktop where you know you have rights and see what happens.

I tried to do as you said, but no luck. The message says

"Failed to create directory.

C:\Documents and Settings\doctor4\Desktop\FullDisc:\ "

Very curious notation, the …:\

Try this: [B]C:\Documents and Settings\doctor4\Desktop[/B] it will create its own folder.

90312, I think I may have found the problem. I was reading some other posts because I had received one error that said CSS error–cannot copy blah, blah.

Reading some posts about that it appears that following the directions that I received from Avangate, I downloaded the nonCSS version of the software and installed it, not realizing the problem. I have now done a clean uninstall and a new install; presently, my Full Disk copy is progress without any griping. Perhaps, then, the problem was all due to that nonCSS version.

If you would be kind enough to check this thread tonight, I will post my results, but I think I may have solved the problem.

Many thanks for your input! I must say it is very confusing to have two websites that provide different versions of the same software…

Ken K

You are not the first one to do that my friend, and I dare say you won’t be the last! For sure I’ll be watching the thread and I’ll be emailed when you post. Sounds like you got it licked though.

Well, so far, so good. I have had no problems after installing the correct version…!

I found the online manual and have begun studying the program. I am very impressed with the speed difference between my prior setup (RipIt4Me, DVD Shrink DVD Decrypter) in order to create an .iso image and the ability to directly create an .iso image with DVDFab, or to just create a hard copy immediately. Very impressive program…

Great! Glad you are up and running. Any other problems you might run into, there are a bunch of good guys around here to help you out.


Thanks. I appreciate the help and the warm welcome!

Ken K