Error message 'please insert an empty disc'

I was burning off a handful of CD-Rs when, after 3 or 4 succesful burns, I got the error message: ‘Please insert an empty disc to write to’. I tried several other blanks in my Philips pack and got the same message, Thinking I might have a faulty batch I tried some Verbatim - same error message.

I have tried both reinstalling the Nero software from the original installation disc disc and updating the Liteon firmware - no change. The Liteon helpboard, unhelpfully, said try installing my Drive in another PC to verify its workability - like I have more than one PC in the house!

Apart from seeking a solution (which may be ‘buy another Drive’) I’m curious as to why empty CD-Rs are suddenly not being recognised.


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Do you have Alcohol installed? There’s a setting in there that can make burning software see writable discs as not writable.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

In Alcohol settings Emulation–>Ignore Media Type has to be unticked. If you’re using DTools untick SafeDisc emulation.

No, Alcohol is not installed as far as I know (umm, I’m afraid I don’t know what it is).

As I said, the error message came up after my 3rd or 4th CD and now seems permanent. I was not doing anything else on the PC at the time.